The Program

CMWLDirect is a new service that supports the delivery of the clinically-proven CMWL provider-directed weight loss program. For over a decade, the providers in the CMWL network has helped thousands of patients lose weight and keep it off.

In a published study in the American Journal of Medicine, patients lost an average 21 lbs in 12 weeks following the CMWL approach. 

If we had to choose one thing we have heard from patients, it would be...

"I tried everything in the past to lose weight.
Nothing worked until CMWL!"


CMWL Weight Loss Plans

The key to long-term weight loss is successfully adopting behavioral and lifestyle changes. In short, the better you are at making healthy choices, the better your quality of life.

All of CMWL's plans  - QuickStart, Modified/Transition, and Ease In - offer one-on-one, personalized behavioral counseling plans designed to help you identify and overcome your specific weight loss challenges. 

The primary difference between each plan is the number of prescribed daily calories comprised of full or partial CMWL meal replacement products. The use of high-protein, calorie-controlled meal replacement products, in combination with behavioral counseling, have proven to be a potent combination in losing weight initially and keeping it off...for good.

Would you like to know how much weight you could lose on a CMWL plan? 

Schedule your initial healthy weight screening now at your local center and start on the road to good health. 



IMPORTANT: Please note that use of CMWL products on their own does not constitute a weight loss program. You must enroll in a structured CMWL weight loss program for those purposes.